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Find out everything you need to know about the products and services offered by Maschino Wood Floors, a flooring company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. From purchasing and preparing for our arrival to floor care, we try to anticipate your questions and provide the answers here. 

Wood Flooring is measured by square feet:  length x width = square feet

You should always add 10% more wood flooring than what you need in square feet for waste and if you are doing the 45 degree angle floor or design in floor allow 15% more to your order.

Machino Wood Floors Team

Do-it-yourselfers we provide you with the knowledge of how to install your floor the right way. You would just call an 800 number 16 hours a day to get information on how to do it. It's all FREE and the person talking to you will have installed 1000's of square feet and is knowledgeable.

Shipping of your floor is "free" in the lower 48 states, shipped to your home or business. We do not "unload" the product and you will need someone there when it is delivered to take the product from the street to inside your house or business.

Delivery of your floor "product": From the time of purchase to the delivery date you should allow at least 4 weeks. Each floor is worked individually after the purchase. You can call us to see what your lead time will be.

The actual look of our floors does not look like the floors you see in a carpet store: Our beveled edges are done by people, by hand, and not machines, so they are not perfect and this is how we want them to look. When we do it by hand it tends to have an older look and is beautiful. This look is timeless and does not go out of style.

The shine of the finish: Our floors come with a satin finish, this finish still has a sheen that is somewhat shiny but will be better 4 years after your purchase of the floor. Meaning the shinier the finish the more the wear and tear will show up years down the road. We do offer other sheens like matt, semi gloss and gloss. Just call when you make your purchase and we will fax you something to sign to verify the change.

Milling of the wood is not perfect: This is the look we are trying to achieve, because we work each board, we will already have looked at each board.

Average length of the boards of the flooring: 3-4 feet with 7" being the shorts (closets) and 6' being the longest.

Accelmation: When the flooring leaves our building it will be moisture tested and will usually run about 5 percent. You would want to install your floor when the mositure content is running between 3-8 percent mositure. Sub floor should be about the same. When you get your flooring please do not lay it directly on concrete with out having some spacers under the flooring and do not store it in a high mositure area.

Movement of flooring after installed: Your floor will move and will have gaps, because they all do. From spring with rain (the floor swells) to the winter they srink (the dry time). So it will happen. But just keep in mind that the beveled edge hides 90 percect of them, so you generally will not see them at all.

Cleaning the wood floor: Our products are cleaned with luke warm water and a microfiber pad/mop. The cleaner used is Glitsa cleaner or Bona cleaner. Most the time you would just dust the floor and not clean it.

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