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Hardwood Floors & Hand-Scraped Wood in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Add the beauty of handscraped wood to your home or office with hardwood floors made by Maschino Wood Floors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Whether you prefer the sturdy strength of hickory or the warmth of cherry, our flooring company offers a number of lovely choices, available online.

The Fine Art of Flooring

Handmade by local artisans, not machines, we treat every piece of flooring like a work of art, one that will last for hundreds of years. With precise attention too even the tiniest details, we create unique floors to be treasured by generations. These floors are made in South Dakota by South Dakotans.

In addition to designing your custom floors, we provide professional installation for an additional fee and will travel to any destination. Call for details and pricing on our 800 number.

Hand-scraped  4 in. ROSA RED American CHERRY

Do-it-yourselfers, we provide you with an 800 number to call 16 hours a day to get the information you need to install your own floor the right way. If you have questions such as - What goes underneath my wood floor? How far apart should I nail the boards? Can you touch up your floor after you put a scratch in it? We make it easy for you, with a "free call" to a real expert after you purchase the flooring from us.

These are our best sellers for 2012-2013; this is just some of the flooring we offer!

HandScraped Hickory (Ambrose Brown)

Each 4" x 3/4" plank of our handscraped hickory combines vintage charm with the durability of a modern finish. Offered in Ambrose Brown, which is a lush rich brownish tone, this color will complement most any décor. Nice round some scraped beveled edge. This is our best seller in Brown color.

HandScraped Cherry ( Rosa Red)

Available in 4" x 3/4" plank, this floor comes in Rosa Red this is our best seller in red/cherry flooring, to create this rich red tone color we use two colors to achieve this. Like our hickory flooring, we create each piece with an authentic aged look, to bring out the rich colors and tight grain patterns that the cherry has. This floor is nothing but Art at its best.

Roughsawn American White Pine (Chateau)

Available in 7"x 3/4" plank, this floor is so unique that most can't believe the look. This is a soft wood but we put 6 coats of finish on it to protect the wood. Just keep in mind that the whole east coast of the United States has 200 year old pine floors that are soft. How many products do you know that have lasted 200 years, (not very many). The Chateau is our best seller with saw blades in it to achieve the 200 year age look but yet smooth enough clean with a micro fiber pad. The color is a brownish tan with a touch of rich yellow, one of a kind floor.

Find flooring that fits your style by contacting us today.